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Technology Transfer Supports


The Technology Transfer Team within KnEx supports and enables the research community to translate innovative research excellence into outputs for maximum societal and economic impact. Commercialisation, intellectual property protection and knowledge transfer is an integral component of the technology transfer journey and is supported by the Team in a variety of ways.

Success from knowledge transfer can be realised in a variety of ways; the translation of research outputs into products, licensing engagements with Industry, revenue income through royalty and milestone payments, creation of start-up companies, equity in start-ups, supporting local economy and creating jobs

Policies & Strategy

Trinity’s intellectual property is managed in accordance with the Trinity “Policy, Practice and Regulations on Intellectual Property 2022”, the National IP Protocol 2019 and the Trinity Policy Good Research Practice, which includes management of Conflict of Interest. Trinity strives to manage IP in accordance with these policies and adhere to and all other Trinity policies as necessary.

To ensure Trinity’s technology portfolio is managed in accordance with international best practices, and ensuring maximum value for patent budget spend, the Technology Transfer team has developed Patent and Licensing Strategy. This strategy aims to ensure the technology portfolio is holistically reviewed in terms of overall performance and provides a framework for accountable and justified decision making.

The Team manages the Trinity technology portfolio and Industry engagement under the framework of Ireland’s Knowledge Transfer system, which is managed by Knowledge Transfer Ireland. The national office offers a wealth of information and guidance from industry engagement to IP management and guidelines to Model Agreements.

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The Technology Transfer Team is responsible for the implementation of Trinity’s policies with respect to knowledge transfer and licensing, intellectual property protection and campus company formation. The following are some of the many areas that we can advise on;

  • IP identification and patent protection strategy and management
  • Non-patentable IP and/or non-commercial distribution of research outputs such as open source
  • Commercialisation, licensing strategy and Industry engagement with respect to IP transfer
  • Campus Company Formation, Spin in engagements, Venture Capital and seed investment
  • Guidance on IP considerations for research projects; both State and Industry co-funded
  • Advice on the development of research projects with commercial potential
  • IP confidentiality/non-disclosure of IP to third parties for early engagement with third parties

If you would like the Technology Transfer Team to deliver a talk or a workshop on IP training please contact us directly.

Forms and Templates

To assist with managing the activities that arise from innovative research outputs, the following forms and templates can be accessed for use.
Please always consult with a member of the Team if you: 

Licensing Opportunities